Scottish Dream Tours
Our very best in small group tours to Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England
Scottish Dream Tours is a small group tour operator that creates, arranges, schedules and conducts each of
our tours personally in order to bring you the very best that Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England have to
offer. We generally offer each tour just once a year and we only offer 12 scheduled tours a year which fits
perfectly into the touring season in the Brit
ish Isles and Ireland. We specialize in small local and family
owned accommodations, quaint tearooms, amazing castles, glorious gardens, cozy pubs, fascinating history,
local folks and flavor, picturesque villages and spectacular scenery. We believe there is no better way to see
these lands than on a small group tour that allows for a slower pace and time to enjoy the scenery, lovely
villages and the warmhearted people who inhabit them.
All of our tours are designed for small groups of a maximum of 12 people  in order to take advantage of the
many different kinds of accommodations, eateries and sights that would not be available to larger groups.
You may find yourself staying in a lovely city guest house, a small country house hotel, a centuries old
coaching Inn, a Victorian seaside hotel, a secluded farmhouse and even possibly in a wee Scottish Castle all
in the same visit! You will find yourself dining in unique tearooms, cozy pubs, old coaching inns, seaside
restaurants or out to a Highland Dinner and Show, Irish music night, a castle afternoon tea or to a Irish or
Welsh Banquet.
We visit historic sites, castles, wee villages and enjoy spectacular scenery along the way. We love taking
advantage of the local theatre, highlands nights and impromptu music sessions which is very easy when we
have such small groups. We might take a side road off on a new adventure or help someone find an ancestral
home if the opportunity presents itself. We love to have you meet the locals as often as possible and try to
arrange a unique experience on each tour to see how people live and interact within their community. We
often come across sheep dog demonstrations or a shepherd moving his flock down the road with the help of
the dogs. We also try to include some kind of wildlife experience into each tour with puffin cruises and
wildlife safaris. We want you to feel like you are experiencing these lovely countries rather than just
visiting them.
We are now in our 17th year of sharing our love of Scotland, Ireland, Wales and many parts of England that
we treasure. Our goal is always to share the very best of the places we visit and to have you leave us at the
end, loving them as much as we do! We truly believe that what we have to offer is among the very best
available in the arena of British Isles and Ireland travel and our testimonials can attest to this as does our
high percentage of return guests. Come let us take care of you and enjoy these beautiful lands and people as
they are meant to be seen and experienced. Let us share with you the history, culture and amazing scenery
that abounds round every turn.
There has never been a better time to make your holiday adventure a reality! So what are you waiting for?
Find out today how Scottish Dream Tours can make your dream tour of Scotland, Ireland, Wales or England
a reality. Join us for an adventure of a lifetime or renew your love for these beautiful and ancient lands.

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