I have been conducting tours of Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England for over 20 years and I am now in my 20th year with
my own tour business proudly offering only our own hand crafted tour itineraries to our clients. We truly love showing off
Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England to others in hopes that they will love our favorite places as much as we do. We have
worked hard to make sure that we continue to offer the same small group sizes that we started with. Our plan is to continue
to offer small group tours with our own itineraries and led by ourselves personally for as long as we continue to do business.
We can't think of a better way to visit the places that we love so much and enjoy going back to again and again. By designing,
arranging and conducting each tour personally we know that you are going to get the best experience available and we are
responsible for that from start to finish.
Although I was born in the States, I have long been proud of my Scottish, Irish and Welsh ancestry, but I had no idea how
truly Scottish we were raised until I started spending so much time in Scotland. My grandfather's name was Angus
McDonald and what I thought was always a peculiarity about my grandfather proved to be his many Scottish habits,
customs and way of speaking. After spending so much time in Scotland, Ireland and Wales it only seemed natural to
eventually start offering tours to our homeland. People often ask me about the nature of tea and tearooms within our tours.
We enjoyed afternoon tea each day when we returned home from school and this love eventually resulted in us owning and
operating a Wee Scottish Tearoom for several years. As tea is so much a part of life in Scotland is was only logical to include
it as part of our meals with our tours. I now spend more time living in Scotland than anywhere else and have for the past
several years.
The McDonald family hails from the Isle of Skye and my father's family, the Tates, came from the little burgh of Kelso in the
Scottish Borders. My great grandmother Mary Mahoney was born and raised in County Cork, Ireland and our Jones
heritage comes from North Wales. There are many parts of England that we have come to love as well and we offer these
places in tours as we are able. We are so excited to be able to share our love of these countries with others as they were
meant to be seen. In a small group with lots of time to explore and staying in small cozy accommodations and partaking of
meals in lovely little eateries. Having added the expertise of Mario Torres to our tours has allowed us to diversify in being
able to offer Spanish speaking tours. 2020 is Mario's 15th season of touring.
I have covered several thousands of miles across the British Isles and Ireland and can think of no better way to make a
living than to share my love of these countries with others. Our scheduled tours are small intimate tours limited to 8 -12
people in order to provide a more personal experience. Keeping the number lower allows us to take advantage of many
accommodations, eateries and sightseeing venues that would not be available to larger groups. It also allows us to veer off
of the beaten path and get a true feel of the country and its inhabitants.
As a
British Tourist Authority Destination Specialists, we can make your United Kingdom adventure a once in a
lifetime holiday no matter the location. Our connection with
The National Tourist Office for Scotland as a Preferred
ScotsMaster and ScotsAgents
gives us the insight to help you have the best Scottish holiday possible. We are also
members of
The Shamrock Club as Preferred Agent Ireland Specialists through Tourism Ireland and Wales
Destination Specialists
through the Wales Tourist Board. We are also members of the Specialty Travel Agents

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