Pre-Tour - August 28th - Arrive into Oslo International Airport and check into our Airport Hotel where you can
rest up and get adjusted to the time change. We will meet here the next morning to start the tour.

Day 1 - August 29th - This morning we will meet at our accommodation at Oslo International Airport and then start
our journey that will end today just north of
Lillehammer at Otta. Our first stop will be at the lovely Stang Church
Hamar surrounded in spectacular countryside. The church is one of the oldest medieval churches in Norway and is
first mentioned in
Håkon Håkonsen's Saga from 1225. Archeological finds indicate agricultural settlements in the area
well before the
Viking Age. We next stop for Lunch in Lillehammer, an agricultural area with a rich food heritage and
lots of tasty treats including
Gudbrandsdalsost, a cheese made from goats and cow's milk originated right here in the
Gudbrandsdalen Valley! After lunch we will visit Sigrid Undset's Home, Bjerkebæk. The Nobel Laureate created
a distinctive home in two old log houses which she furnished during the 1930s. This unique home is filled with artefacts and
books reflecting her personal taste and interests. A guide will relate the story of her life from her childhood in Kristiania, her
travels in Rome, her daily life as a housewife and mother, through her divorce, conversion to Catholicism, receipt of the
Nobel prize, the fight against the Nazis, and her years in exile during the second world war. She lived a rich life and the
decor of her home is statement to that. We then continue to
Otta. Welcoming Dinner and Overnight Otta. (B,L,D)

Day 2 -
On our way to Røros today we will take advantage of the spectacular countryside and viewpoints as we make our
way through the
Rondale National Park. Our first stop will be the Flokk Skulptur Stopp overlooking the
Gudbrandsdalslagen River. These 21 tall, extremely narrow bronze statues are the work of sculpture artist Gitte
with each sculpture appearing to be grow straight out of the ground. Part animal and part human, they are
typical of Daehlin’s distinctive work, with each of her figures having glass eyes, which seem to be alive with unique features,
markings and expressions. We then stop at
Ringebu to visit the Ringebu Stave Church, built in approximately the year
1220. This distinctive and much-photographed stave church is one of just 28 which remain in Norway. Once common, over
1000 dotted the countryside, with their unique style of architecture and construction, and they are
Symbolic of Old
. Set amongst hills and farmland, the church and its surrounding cemetery are strikingly beautiful, with
immaculate grounds. We will have
Lunch in Ringebu before continuing to Sohlbergplassen, the Viewing Point at
Atnsjøen Lake
which curves gently around slender pine trees. The platform frames the view towards the lake and the
rounded peaks of the
Rondane Massif almost exactly as they appear in Harald Sohlberg’s famous painting
'Winter’s Night in Rondane'. Then on to get checked into our accommodation before dinner. Dinner and
Overnight Røros. (B,L,D)

Day 3 -
Today will be spent in Røros, a Traditional Mountain Village in Trøndelag, one of the oldest towns of
wooden buildings in Europe and a
UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is known for being a living museum that whispers
centuries of history, all the way from the charming streets and down to the old copper mines. Røros street pattern was laid
out in 1600, but really came into existence in 1644, after the
First Copper Discovery in the area. We will have a Guided
where we hear about the history behind this charming wooden town, the people who lived here and how the city has
evolved through preservation and modernization! After our tour you will have time to explore this delightful town before we
meet up for lunch. After lunch we visit
Røros Museum Olav's Mine. Our tour will be  an hour’s walk through 300 Years
of Mining History taking us through the
Nyberget Mine dating from the 17th Century and the Olav’s Mine from the 20th
century. We will descend 50 metres below ground and 500 metres into the mountain before reaching the massive Miner’s
Hall with sound effects and lighting that will add to the authentic feel. After our tour we will explore
The Museum which
houses exhibitions about the mining community and the geology of the region. Then the evening is on your own to find
Overnight Røros. (B,L)

Day 4 -
This morning we make our way further north to Trondheim with many wonderful stops along the way. Just past
Stugudalen we find Henfallat Waterfall, a big and powerful waterfall in the Sor Trondelag Region. We will stop at
the bridge going over the river and see a smaller waterfall called
Kvernfossen. We then follow the road to a path of
wooden planks that lead to a
Viewing Platform for a great view of Henfallat. Just a few minutes walk along the trees
gives another view of the falls. From here our journey continues northward to
Selbusjøen, the 17th largest lake in Norway.
Then north of here we find
Trondheim Fjord and our next stop, Hegra Festning. This Living Mountain Fortress
was built to stop a
Swedish Invasion through the Stjørdal Valley from which the fortress holds a commanding position.
The entire facility is intact with, among other things, trenches, tunnels, corridors, living rooms and command towers. After
a tour through the fortress we will visit the museum before continuing west along
Trondheim Fjord all the way to
Trondheim. The fjord indents into the coast of west central Norway from the
Norwegian Sea and serves as a natural
boundary between
Northern and Southern Norway. Trondheim, the major export city for the area is the third largest
city in Norway and lies along the southern shore of the fjord.
Dinner and Overnight Trondheim. (B,L,D)

Day 5 -
The vibrant city of Trondheim is home to some of Trøndelag’s most popular attractions, cosy shopping streets
and a myriad of restaurants and bars offering local specialties. We will take a
Guided Tour of the city that was founded in
997 by Viking King Olav Tryggvason. Our stroll starts at the Harbour, which was largely built and developed during
the second half of the 19th century. We then proceed to
Stiftsgården, the Royal Residence in Trondheim, and on to
Market Square to see the Statue of Olav Tryggvason. Then we walk to Nidaros Cathedral, Norway’s national
shrine and a
Gothic Masterpiece. We explore the World’s Northernmost Medieval Cathedral before crossing the
Old City Bridge over the River Nid
. The ornate gateway on the Red-Painted Bridge is known to locals as the
'Portal of Happiness’. Then we stroll through the area of Bakklandet, which has preserved its charming 19th century
wooden architecture with boutiques, cafés, and gourmet restaurants. Here you also find the world’s only bicycle lift, which
travels to the top of the steep hill of
Brubakken. We will lunch together and then you have the rest of the afternoon and
evening to explore all of Trondheim's delights.
Overnight Trondheim. (B,L)

Day 6  -
This morning we visit the Sverresborg Trondelag Open Air Folk Museum with more than 80 buildings from
Trondheim and the Trondelag area. The museum is placed around the ruins of King Sverre’s Castle, which date as
far back as 1183 and provides a wonderful view over the city and the fjord, The
Stave Church from Haltdalen is the
oldest building here at the museum, and dates back to 1170AD. The
Museum’s Old Town is comprised of buildings that
were originally located in Trondheim, and offers a charming representation of the
Wooden Houses that have dominated
the cityscape from the 18th century up until today. Here you can peruse the
Dentist’s Exhibition, the Shoemaker’s
, the Post Office and the museum’s Old Grocery Store, where you can buy sweets and a cup of coffee. The
rural section shows the development in Trondelag building styles from the fjord to the mountains, and how people lived in
the 18th and 19th centuries in the different country areas. Then we make our way to
Gråkallbanen, the World’s
Northernmost Tram
where we board an old Singsaker Tram from 1914 and travel in the style of a bygone era while
Enjoying Lunch on the way. The Tram takes us from the city center uphill and into the forest and recreational area
Bymarka. Dinner and Overnight Trondheim. (B,L,D)

Day 7 -
Todays journey will take us along the shores of Trondheim Fjord on the European Highway E6 to the capital
Nord-Trondelag County, Steinkjer. The Kystriksveien is the Coastal Road of Northern Norway, a 650
long road from Steinkjer to Bodø and we will cover the first leg of the journey today. It has been called One
of the World’s Most Scenic Drives by the National Geographic Magazine!
We will Stop for Lunch in
, once an important seat of power in Norway and the municipality has many interesting heritage sites and other
historical attractions. After lunch we will take a slight deter onto the
Inderøy Peninsula to stop at Gangstad
where they produce Award Winning Cheeses and Ice Cream from the farm’s fresh cow's milk. Next we
make our way just up the road to see the impressive
Rock Carvings near Bøla, including the 6,000 Year Old Bøla
Reindeer in the Bølareinen(Reindeer) Nature Park
. It is part of a larger carving, where in addition to Bølareinen,
includes a
Bear, a Seabird and a Skier! Then we make our way just a bit further to our accommodation to get checked in
before dinner. Dinner and
Overnight Medja. (B,L,D)

Day 8 -
Up early this morning to continue our Coastal Road of Northern Norway route with a stop just north of
Medja at Gløshaug Church, a Red Wooden Stave Church that was built in a long church style in 1689. The site of
the church has been used all the way back to around 1160 and was originally was a
St. Olaf Church, St. Olaf being the
Patron Saint of Norway. We will continue our journey to Laksforsen Waterfall, one of Nordland’s most popular
tourist attractions. This majestic waterfall has a water volume of 700 m³ per second and a fall of around 60 feet. You can
sit on the rocks beneath the waterfall and let the cascades of water and nature fill you with wonder and joy. We will stop in
Trofors for Lunch before continuing on to Mosjøen with its  Sjoegata Street Historical Centre. The old buildings in
the street are being taken care of as an integral part of the pulsating city life there, giving character to this small town. On a
walk around town you will find architectural gems and elegantly preserved buildings. Additionally, you will find
an Authentic General Store, Restaurants and a Beautiful Hotel Garden
from where you can fish. We then make
a side trip west to
Sandnessjøen to  get checked into before dinner. Dinner and Overnight Sandnessjøen. (B,L,D)

Day 9 -
Today we will do some Island Hopping in Helgeland with the Islands of Dønna and Herøy. Sheltered by
Seven Sisters, three Medieval Churches have stood for 800-900 years, built on sacred ground and at places of
assembly that date much further back in time. A visit to these beautiful churches invokes the poetry, history and art of
Helgeland. We first take the half hour ferry across to
Dønna and make our way to Dønnes Church at the Farthest
Northerly Point
of the island and is known as North Norway's Most beautiful Church! We will have a tour of the
church which dates from the 13th century and has history and architecture from both the
Middle Ages, Early Modern
Times, and the Romance Period
. The church contains, among other things, 800-Year-Old Medieval Art from
Germany, as well as paintings and pulpits from the 1600s. We will then take a drive to the nearby
Dønnesfjellet, a
viewpoint that has great views out over the archipelago. We will stop to have our
Picnic Lunch somewhere along the
scenic route to the west end of the island. We than make our way by bridge to
Staulen Island and then to Nord Herøy
where we stop at Herøy Church, also known as the Cathedral of Helgeland. The church was built of soapstone in the
12th century and is the largest of the triangle churches. Built in the
Romanesque Style, it is the only church in North
Norway with an apse, a semi-circular vaulted recess terminating the choir. In the 1960s, the church underwent a major
programme of restoration, and a considerable number of coins were found beneath the choir, the oldest dating right back to
the time of
King Sverre. We then make our way back home by ferry. Dinner and Overnight Sandnessjøen. (B,L,D)

Day 1o -
Most of uur day will be spent in and around Mo i Rana, the nearest town to the Arctic Circle and know as
'Arctic Circle City'. We will travel alongside Ranfjorden with a few scenic stops along the way to the innermost part of
the fjord where the
River Ranelva meets the Ranfjord. Once in Rana as the locals call the town, we will visit
Moholmen, the old part the city that sits like an oasis just outside the town centre. A stroll around here is like a trip back
in time as the oldest buildings in Moholmen date back to the 17th century, and the area acts as a living museum of the era
before industry arrived in the town. The
Rana Museum is just beside Moholme it contains exhibitions showing the rich
history of Rana along with
Stenneset Open-Air Museum with its collection of buildings from the 18th and 19th century,
centered around an
Old Local Vicarage with an exhibition of farming tools and machinery. After Lunch in Rana we will
take a short journey out of town to visit
Marmorslottet (The Marble Castle), a castle that has been naturally formed
over a period of thousands of years. The marble castle has emerged where loose rock masses such as lime, have been
washed out in the river for thousands of years. Over the years, the water has formed several caves, potholes and formations
in the rock – and made the area a fairytale landscape. We then return to Rana where you will have the rest of the afternoon
and evening free.
Overnight Mo i Rana. B,L)

Day 11 -
A very exciting day today as we will actually cross the Arctic Circle Line just before Saltfjellet! We will stop
at the
Arctic Circle Centre in the Saltfjellet-Svartisen National Park, one of mainland Norway's most dramatic
landforms! In the west, it embraces the rugged peaks of the
Svartisen Icecap, Norway's second-largest glacier, and
glacier tongues are visible from the
Kystriksveien Coastal Route. To the east, the bleak, high moorlands of the
Saltfjellet Massif roll to the Swedish Border. Charismatic Wildlife inhabit the park, including Wolverine,
Eurasian Lynx, Elk
and a breeding population of Arctic Fox, although most are elusive. We will explore the park with a
few stops along the way until we reach the northern area of the park where we will stop for lunch. At
Rognan we veer off of
Kystriksvein to make our way to Bodø with a stop at Saltstraumen on Saltfjorden. This is where we find the
World’s Strongest Maelstrom! Every six hours, over 500 Million Cubic Yards of Water rush through the 500 foot
wide and 2 mile long sound connecting the
Saltfjord and the Skjerstadfjord at speeds of up to 20 knots! The mighty
whirlpools that are formed by this phenomenon can be up to 30 feet in diameter and 15 feet deep! We then make our way
around Saltfjorden to Bodø and to our accommodation for the next 3 nights.
Dinner and Overnight Bodø. (B,L,D)

Day 12 -
This morning we will take a Rib Boat Safari to Saltstraumen,to get an up close look at the most Powerful
Maelstrom in the World
for an experience of a lifetime! We will be taken through a Unique Alpine Coastal
where our senses will be bombarded with impressions. We go straight into the adventure where the Sea
Eagles Hatch
and the food is served exactly as it was being served 13.000 years ago. The magnificent sea eagles hatch on
the steep and unavailable cliffs of
Sundstraumen, which lies next to Saltstraumen. We will go as close as we possibly can,
and there will be great opportunities to see the eagles in their nest. We then get as close as possible to the maelstrom where
400 million cubic meter of water are pushing its way through a three kilometer long and 150 meter wide inlet. After this
amazing experience in Saltstraumen, we will debark at
Tuvsjyen where we will be served an aperitif while awaiting a
remarkable experience of food and culture. This was the place the first immigrants to Norway settled – 13.000 years ago
when the glacier started to withdraw. We will be served
Historical Food prepared in the glowing rocks from the fire pit.
On top of this, the storyteller will describe how the forefathers lived! Then back to our accommodation to rest up before
Dinner and Overnight Bodø. (B,L,D)

Day 13 - Bodø
is an important stop in our journey as this is where we will take the ferry to the Enchanting Lofoten
. Today however, is a down day in Bodø to just relax and unwind after our hectic schedule. Bodø is often called the
'Little Brother of Tromsø'. There are many things here to keep you occupied. Opened by Queen Sonja, the new hiking
trail and
Sherpa Staircase leading up to Keiservarden Hill overlooking Bodø, has quickly become many of the locals
favourite place as the views are definitely gorgeous! You can head to the
Harbour where the Pier called Moloen makes
for a lovely stroll along the ocean and offers some stunning views. For those interested in
Arts and Crafts, Bodø has a
diverse community of
Local Artists, Glass Blowers, Potters, and Jewellery Makers and is well know for its Street
You can also visit the Norwegian Aviation Museum, Norway’s national aviation museum. Get rested up for the
final week of our journey and enjoy all that Bodø has to offer! Very early ferry crossing tomorrow!
Overnight Bodø. (B)

Day 14 -  
This morning we start our very long journey by ferry from Bodø across to Sørvågen on the Lofoten Islands.
The journey will take 3 1/2 hours and will leave at 7:00am. The Lofoten Archipelago is draped across the
turbulent waters of the
Norwegian Sea, far above the Arctic Circle. This rare wilderness outpost offers an
untrammeled landscape of majestic mountains, deep fjords, squawking seabird colonies and long, surf-swept beaches. The
clear blue waters rival the
Mediterranean, craggy mountains rival Iceland, and fishing villages to rival anywhere else
on earth! One of Lofoten's biggest attractions are the
Painted Fishing Villages found all over the islands with each
Town's Waterfront lined with Red and White Wooden Fishermen's Huts Known as Rerbuers. We will take in
as many of these lovely fishing villages as we can, but our stop will be the
Utterly Quaint Village of Reine. We will take
some time to explore before making our just a short drive south of
Reine where we find the Village of Å at the very end
of the road on the
Island of Moskenesøy. Å is a Time-Honoured Fishing Village steeped in tradition and
characterised by
Fisherman’s Cabins and Quayside Warehouses. Dinner and Overnight Reine. (B,D)

Day 15 -
 Just up the road we find Nusfjord, one of Norway's oldest and best-preserved fishing villages, bound in scenic
nature and steep mountains in
Flakstad Municipality. We will also visit Ballstad, located on the southern tip of the
Island of Vestvågøy
in the Vestfjorden Basin. Ballstad has been a fishing village for perhaps as long as 1000 years, and
the place is still an active fishing village and has
Europe's Largest Mural! We then head north to visit Haukland
one of the most beautiful beaches in the world with white sand, a tropical look and surrounded by mountain peaks
covered by snow!Then we visit
Henningsvær on the Island of Austvågøya, the place God had built without the help of
surveyors and architects. Welcome to Norway’s most famous and distinctive fishing village, by many referred to as the

Venice of the North!
Just a few miles away we find Kabelvåg, the Oldest Fishing Village in Lofoten which can
trace its fishery 1000 years back in time. While here we will visit
Vågan Church, also known as the Lofoten Cathedral
which is the biggest wooden church north of Trondheim. We then make our way to our accommodation just a few minutes
away to get settled before dinner.
Dinner and Overnight Svolvær. (B,L,D)

Day 16 -
This morning we make our way to Gimsøysand in the northern part of one of the smallest islands in the
archipelago -
Gimsøya. Here in the village you will find the 14th Century Little White Wooden Gimsøy Church.
Gimsøy is surrounded by amazing coastline, beautiful green water and mystical mountains making it unique and incredibly
beautiful. We will also visit
Aalan Gård, a Family Run Farm in Vestvågøy. They have a Farm Shop with a Cheese
Factory where they make Brown and White Goat’s Cheese, Feta Cheese and Fresh Cheese with Herbs and
They also do ecological herb production, including herb seasonings, herb tea and herb vinegar. We will also visit the
Lofotr Viking Museum in Borg featuring the largest Viking-Era House ever found! Adjacent to the Chieftain’s
is modern exhibits of archaeological finds, the Story of Borg, and a Movie 'The Dream of Borg'. We will take
Scenic Southern Coastal Route back to Svolvær with a final stop along the way at Lofoten Wool, home to Local
Wool, Happy Native Sheep and a Farmshop with Local Crafts
with knitting patterns, sweaters, hats, mittens and
woven products like scarfs, shawls and blankets.
Dinner and Overnight Svolvær (B,D)

Day 17 - Svolvær
is situated by the sea and is surrounded by beautiful scenic areas and well-known mountain formations
Svolværgeita (the Svolvær Goat), Fløya, Tuva, Blåtind, Kongstinden and Tjeldbergtinden. We will take
some time to explore before making our way to
Laupstad, a settlement located in the Austnesfjord on Austvågøya.
We then cross over the Raftsund Bridge, a Two Lane Cantilever Road Bridge that crosses the Raftsundet Strait
between the islands of Austvågøya and Hinnøya. The bridge is 2,333 feet long, the main span is 978 ft and the
maximum clearance to the sea beneath the bridge is 148 ft. We will make a stop for photos! We then take a side trip
to Rokenes Gard near Harstad.
This is an Old Trading Post and Guesthouse dating back to the 16th century has
been in the same family for 10 generations, since 1673. We will stop here for a
Late Lunch before continuing on to our
accommodation at
Tennevoll. We will reunite with the E6 at Bjerkvik  after our Lofoten Island Adventure. The village is
located at the end of
Herjangsfjorden, an arm of Ofotfjorden and we will make a short stop here. Dinner and
Overnight Tennevoll. (B,L,D)

Day 18 -
This morning we start our journey to Tromsø for a 3 night stay at our final destination. We will get an early
start to the day as we want to take in the
Lyngen Alps on the way to Tromso. Our first stop is Polar Park, the
World's Most Northern Animal Park!
The park is home to Norway’s Large Predators such as Bears, Wolves
and Lynx
as well as Deer, Moose, Reindeer and Muskox all in their natural surroundings. We will take plenty of
time to experience some of these animals up close and personal! We then make our way north along the
Lyngen Alps to
a pretty, well kept coastal village, with many old houses, shops and cafés. Gollis, the World’s Tallest
standing at 30 feet tall is tucked away behind the quayside and you may want to visit Lyngen Church, built in
We will have Lunch in Lyngsedeit and then take a short detour to visit Aurora Spirit, a unique distillery with a
spectacular location.
The Lyngen Alps, the Fjord, the Northern Lights and the Arctic Wilderness provide an
excellent setting for making whisky and other alcohol products under the brand name
Bivrost. The products are based on
local herbs, berries and melted glacier water. We will have a
Guided Tour and Whisky Tasting at the
Northernmost Distillery in the World!
We then take a Spectacular and Dramatic Drive cross the Lyngen
Peninsula to Tromsø
with a short ferry crossing on the way. Dinner and Overnight Tromsø. (B,L,D)

Day 19 -
This morning we will take a Fjellheisen Cable Car, Tromsø’s most popular tourist destination. It runs from
Solliveien in Tromsdalen up to the mountain ledge Storsteinen. The lower station is located on Tromsø’s mainland,
150 feet above sea level, while the upper station,
Fjellstua, is situated at an altitude of 1400 feet above sea level. The trip
up takes just four minutes where from a large outdoor terrace, you can enjoy the
Spectacular Panoramic View of
and the virtually endless sight of islands, fjords, mountains and the open sea. Next we visit the Tromsø
Botaniske Hage,  the World’s Northernmost Botanical Garden.
The garden has Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine
plants from all continents as well as traditional perennials and herbs from Northern Norway. After lunch we visit
Tromsdalen Church,
also known as Ishavskatedralen (The Arctic Cathedral). Architect Jan Inge Hovig
succeeded in creating an architectural masterpiece of Eleven Aluminum Coated Concrete Panels on either side of the
roof providing the cathedral’s bold form, often compared to the style of the
Sydney Opera House. Dinner on your own
in Tromso this evening.
Optional after dinner excursion to Ersfjordbotn, the Northern Lights Village. No
guarantee of seeing the lights at this time of year, but the mountains on both sides of the fjord create an amazing display
over the fjord!
Overnight Tromsø. (B,L)

Day 20 -
This morning we will have an Essential Tromsø Historical City Walk to discover the Paris of the North!
We will discover the Important Sites and Most Picturesque Spots in the city including the Medieval Settlement,
the vibrant Marketplace and the Fisherman Monument. We will hear Tales of Explorers, Sealers and Polar
Bear Hunters
on a guided trip through the Polar Museum and then visit then visit Tromsø Cathedral. We will learn
World Famous Characters such as Roald Amundsen, as well as local heroes such as Wanny Woldstad
and Henry Rudi.
The tour finishes at Tromsø’s Most Authentic Pub, an old school polar hangout. You will have the
rest of the afternoon free in Tromsø to find some lunch, do some last minute shopping and sightseeing before we meet up
for dinner. The town’s surroundings are equally astonishing, with large birch forests and stunning views of the area’s
numerous fjords and mountains at every turn. For our
Farewell Dinner we will board a catamaran for an Evening
Fjord Cruise in Tromsø with Sailing, Dining and Sightseeing through the Norwegian Fjords. Farewell
Dinner and Overnight Tromsø. (B,D)

Day 21 -  September 18th -
This morning we make our way to the Tromsø International Airport for the journey
21 Day  Norway - Europe's Northermost Region
and the Land of the Midnight Sun!
August 29th - September 18th, 2023
Our first ever 21 Day Northern Norway Discovery Tour. The insight we gather from guests on this tour will help us to
decide if we want to add this tour permanently to our schedule. We love Norway and although we are not yet as
knowledgeable as we are with the other countries we do tours of, we believe we have crafted an amazing itinerary. An
itinerary we are sure will have you falling in love with Norway just as much as we have. The present itinerary is subject to
change up to the time of departure to make sure that the itinerary flows smoothly and gives us the opportunity to share
Norway in the same way that we do with Scotland, Ireland, Wales, England and Tuscany. Norway is the second most
expensive country in the world to visit and the price reflects this!

21 Days discovering Norway with Stang Church, Lillehammer, Sigrid Undset's Home, Bjerkebæ, Flokk Skulptur Stopp,
Ringbu Stave Church, Sohlbergplassen, the Viewing Point at Atnsjøen Lake, Røros, a traditional Mountain Village in
Trøndelag  Trondheim, Stiftsgården, the Royal Residence in Trondheim, World’s Northernmost Medieval Cathedral,
Sverresborg Trondelag Open Air Folk Museum, Gråkallbanen, the World’s Northernmost Tram, Island Hopping in
Helgaland, Arctic Circle and 'Arctic Circle City', Rib Boat Safari to Saltstraumen, the most Powerful Maelstrom in the World,
Lofoten Archipelago, Tromsø, Lyngen Alps, Polar Park, the World's Most Northern Animal Park, Fjellheisen Cable Car,
Tromsø Botaniske Hage, the World’s Northernmost Botanical Garden and so much more!
Tour limited to 12-14 people. Included is a full breakfast each morning, 16 lunches and 15 dinners. All accommodations and
we try to show you as many of the different kinds of accommodations that are available in Norway, Guided minibus tour
with luggage handling. All sightseeing including any entrance fees. Tour guide for many venues. All taxes and service charges.
Norway is the second most expensive country in the world to visit and the price reflects this!

$10,995US per person. $1495 Single Supplement. $1000 deposit.