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Afternoon Tea at
Barcaldine Castle near
Oban, Scotland
Afternoon Tea at Benson's
Afternoon Tea at the
Bridge Tearooms
Afternoon Tea at
Prestonfield House in
Edinburgh, Scotland
Afternoon Tea at the
Samling Hotel Lake
Windermere, England
When I was growing up, we had afternoon tea everyday upon our
arrival home from school. As was the tradition, this light repast
carried us over until a later supper when my father arrived home
from work. My mother faced no challenge in getting us home
directly from school as we could not wait to see what aromas
would permeate the house upon opening the front door. Chelsea
Buns, Lemon Curd Tarts, Strawberry Jam Tarts, Shortbread,
Victoria Sponge Cake, Sticky Toffee Pudding, Oven warm Scones
with Jam and Cream! We each had our favorites, but if my mother
and sister were baking it was all going to be wonderfully delicious!
There is nothing better than to be able to bring the same to you!
Afternoon Tea,  Scotland tearoom tour, ashmount country house hotel
Afternoon Tea at Ashmount Country House in Haworth
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Afternoon Tea at the Black Swan in Helmsley, England
Having owned a Wee Scottish Tearoom for several years brought
back all those memories of afternoon tea as a child and my ever
increasing love for Scotland and a more relaxed way of living.
When guests to the tearoom requested that I conduct a tour to
my ancestral homeland, I though "why not" and Scottish Dream
Tours was born. I am often asked why we focus on tearooms.
Well, the focus is not on tearooms, but we have to eat somewhere
anyway, so why not indulge ourselves in the timeless tradition of
taking tea! Our tours are designed to bring back yesterday with
wonderful traditions and a much slower pace of life. Join us for an
excursion to the best tearooms that the British Isles and Ireland
can offer.
Touring Scotland became so popular that is wasn't long before we were
adding on Ireland, Wales and England. Although we now offer tours that
are not necessarily listed as tearoom tours, we still find that our tearoom
tours are our most favorite tours. Scotland has more tearooms that any
other place in the British Isles which makes it perfect for taking in many
lovely tearooms. Ireland has the reputation for drinking more tea than any
other country! We love to offer castle or country house afternoon teas in
our tours as well as the quaint tearooms that dot the countryside and small
villages that we love so much. We look forward to sharing our love of these
warm, wonderful countries and sharing some of our favorite tearooms with
you. You can find your self indulging in a Cream Tea, Afternoon Tea or a
High Tea on many of our tours!
betty's tearooms yorkshire, yorkshire tearoom tour, england tearooms
Betty's Tearooms Harrogate, Yorkshire
Strange how a teapot can represent at the same time the comforts
of solitude and the pleasures of company.

If you are cold, tea will warm you.  If you are too heated, it will
cool you.  If you are depressed, it will cheer you.  If you are
excited, it will calm you.  ~Gladstone, 1865

A Proper Tea is much nicer than a Very Nearly Tea, which is one
you forget about afterwards.  ~A.A. Milne

You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough
to suit me.  ~C.S. Lewis

You have filled my tea with lumps of sugar, and though I asked
most distinctly for bread and butter, you have given me cake. I am
known for the gentleness of my disposition, and the extraordinary
sweetness of my nature, but I warn you, Miss Cardew, you may go
too far.
Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest
We are especially excited that our house tour adventures are going
so well. We rent a large home for one week in one location and then
for another week in another location. We take day tours from the
house and also have a murder mystery, music night and games
nights on the evenings that we are home. We will take advantage of
local theatre, music and other events where we are able. I
especially like these tours as it allows me to display all my skills
learned from having a tearoom. I use many of my own recipes as
well as ones I learned from mother and sister. Especially popular is
my grandfather McDonald's bread and butter pudding! I usually
give a demonstration of making the best scones in the world while
on these tours!
Scottish Dream Tours Presents
Our own blend of personally designed small group tours of
Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England with some of our favorite
tearooms and afternoon tea locations while on a delightful
excursion to the lands of our ancestors. Although tearooms is not
our only focus while on tours, you have to eat why
not take advantage of a traditional in the countries where it was
perfected to a fine art? Join us on a journey to some of the most
wonderful tearooms and afternoon tea locations on earth.