Pre-Tour - September 22nd, 2023 - Arrive into Geneva International Airport and spend the day getting rested up
and adjusted to the time change before we meet up the following morning to start the tour.

Day 1 - September 23rd - This morning we will meet up at our Geneva International Airport accommodation and
then make our way along the north shore of
Lake Geneva to Lausanne. Lausanne is extremely picturesque with the
town being built on three hills, surrounded by vineyard-covered slopes, with Lake Geneva at its feet. The attractive old
town is largely pedestrianized with small alleyways with cafés and boutiques shaping the streetscape in the medieval city
centre. After some time to explore, we will meet up for
Afternoon Tea at Hotel d'Angleterre. After tea we will have a
Walking Tour of Lausanne where we learn about the secrets and fascinating stories behind some of the most impressive
buildings in the city including
Château Saint-Marie or even the Palais Rumine. After a delightful day in Lausanne we
continue along the shores of Lake Geneva to
Montreax to get checked into our accommodation before dinner.
Welcoming Dinner and Overnight Montreax. (B,L,D)

Day 2 -
This morning we visit Chillon Castle on its rocky platform overlooking Lake Geneva. The history of the site
dates back to the
Bronze Age, but the present castle's history is marked by three great periods: those of the Savoy
family, the Bernese Bailiffs and the Canton of Vaud
ranging from the 12th century to present day. We will have a
guided tour of the castle including the
13th-Century Gothic Cathedral which is one of Chillon’s most unique features.
We will also explore the
Dungeon where Bonivard, who was immortalised by Lord Byron as the hero of his 19th-
century poem,
The Prisoner of Chillon was imprisoned. Following our tour we will have a Gourmet Lunch and
Wine Tasting in Café Byron
. We then return to Montreax where you will have the rest of the afternoon and free to take
in one of the many eateries to be found around the city. The city is a grand,
Aristocratic 19th-Century Resort Town
with a balmy microclimate and extraordinary lake and mountain scenery, but it also has its raffish side. You may want to
take the
Cog Railway to the 4, 200 feet Rochers-de-Naye Peak as it winds ever higher above the lake, with
increasingly glorious views over the surrounding Alps.
Overnight Montreax. (B,L)

Day 3 -
This morning as we make our way to Zermatt we stop at the Abbaye de Saint-Maurice d'Agaune. The
abbey tells an extraordinary story of a miraculously preserved, living religious community that bears sole witness to a
spiritual and cultural activity that is not found anywhere else in the western Christian world. Our visit starts from the
Basilica which dates back to the 17th Century and was restored and enlarged in the mid-20th Century. After the
Archaeological Site, we visit the Catacombs and then the Abbey Treasure. We then continue along the upper
Rhône Valley to Martigny to view the Roman Amphitheatre, but more importantly to see the St Bernard
Museum 'Musée et Chiens du Saint Bernard'
and visit the world-famous St. Bernard Hospice Dogs! We will have
Lunch at Le Collier d'Or before visiting the dogs. We will make a last stop in Sion, dominated by two rocky peaks,
each crowned with episcopal fortresses. We then continue on to
Täsch just a few miles outside of Zermatt where we
take the shuttle train to this resort town at the foot of the
Matterhorn. Traditional Fondue Dinner and
Overnight Zermatt. (B,L,D)

Day 4 -
Zermatt lies at the foot of the highest mountains in the entire Alpine mountain range with the Matterhorn,
Weisshorn and Monte Rosa
. We will start the day by taking Europe’s Highest Open-Air Cog Railway that will
take us direct from
Zermatt Station to the Summit of the Gornergrat. The ride takes 33 minutes and requires a
vertical climb of almost a mile over dramatic bridges, through galleries and tunnels, across forests of larch and Swiss stone
pine, and past rocky ravines and mountain lakes! The panorama is among the finest in the world and takes in the Monte
Rosa massif with
Switzerland’s Highest Peak at a little over 15,000 feet!  It also takes in the Second-Largest
Glacier in the Alps, the Gorner Glacier
, and a total of 29 mountains above 12,000 feet, including, of course, the
Matterhorn in all its glory! We will
Lunch at Europe's Highest Hotel, the 3100 Kulmhotel Gornergrat before
making our way back to Zermatt where you will have the afternoon and evening free. In the old village, beside the
Hotel Zermatterhof
, about 30 ancient buildings show the traditional building style of the Original Walser Residents.
The barns and grain stores, up to 500 years old, are a piece of living history and reveal how the mountain farmers of
Zermatt once lived. You will be spoilt for choice at all the eateries to be found in the resort.
Overnight Zermatt. (B,L)

Day 5 -
This morning we make our way to Bellinzona from Täsch for a scenic drive through Brig, where we will
commence our ascent of the
Simplon Pass, taking in magnificent views over the Alps from the 6,000 foot summit. We will
pass into the
Italian Alps making our day mostly about spectacular scenery with many stops along the way. We will stop
along the
Vigezzo known as the Valley of the Painters on our way to Santa Maria Maggiore, the capitol of the valley.
You can find some lunch in Santa Maria before we visit the unusual and fascinating
Chimney Sweep Museum in the
grounds of the magnificent
Villa Antonia displaying artefacts, pictures and published material testifying to the trade
which for centuries provided a livelihood for local emigrants to other countries. We will also visit the
Art School Museum,
founded in 1868 by Gian Maria Rossetti Valentini, which houses an extensive gallery exhibiting the works of the major
painters of the Vigezzo Valley. We then continue on through more spectacular scenery before finally reaching Bellinzona
where we check into our accommodation before dinner.
Dinner and Overnight Bellinzona. (B,D)

Day 6 -  
This morning we visit the Three Castles at Bellinzona, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Italian
Speaking Region of Switzerland
. Castelgrande, also known as Castello di San Michele or Burg Uri, is the oldest
of these 13th century castles with two towers,
Torre Nera and Torre Bianca which dominate Bellinzona's Old Town.
Castello Montebello, also known as Schwyz or San Martino, and the castle with the highest elevation, Corbaro
– once known as Unterwalden or Santa Barbara, are among the best preserved medieval castles in Switzerland.
After a tour of the site, we make our way through the
Grisons Region with a stop in San Bernardino. Bogs, pine trees
and a special flora lend San Bernardino a unique atmosphere. The wet meadows around the village produce a wetland flora
that boasts the largest number of species in the southern part of the Alps. We then follow the young
Rhine River with a
stop in
Tiefecastel for Lunch before heading further east towards the Julier Pass and the glamorous resort of St.
, set in the Engadine Valley with the majestic Grisons Alps towering above! Dinner and Overnight St
Moritz. (B,L,D)

Day 7 -
Today you will have the entire morning free to soak in the atmosphere of this lovely Alpine Resort. St. Moritz.
Some places are simply unlike any other; the mere mention of their name summons up vivid images and emotions. St.
Moritz is one such place. Its unique appeal began long before the days when
Roger Moore raced down the slopes as
James Bond, Alfred Hitchcock was inspired by Engadin’s Black Crows and Gunter Sachs and Brigitte Bardot
whispered sweet nothings to each other in the snow. It first became famous thanks to its mineral springs, which were
discovered 3,000 years ago and established the town as a summer spa resort early on. After some exploration on your own
we take an excursion through the
Stazerwald Forest in a Horse Drawn Carriage and stop to have Lunch in the
Meierei Restaurant
, near St. Moritz Lake. You will then have the rest of the day and evening for more exploration.
You can shop until you drop, visit the museums, have some
Swiss Hot Chocolate, take one of several nature walks and
hikes or just catch up on your travel diary, read a book or just get rested up for the second half of the tour!
St Moritz. (B,L)

Day 8 -
This morning we start our journey to Lucerne with a stop in Old Town Chur, one of the best preserved towns
in Switzerland. Chur is the
Oldest Town in Switzerland with a settlement going back over 5,000 years. We will Take
a Walking Tour of the Town
as we stroll through the lively centre into the twisting streets of the old town and up to its
800-Year-Old Cathedral. After thoroughly exploring Chur we will stop for lunch and then make our way a few miles
further up the road to
Seilbahn Palfries to take the Palfries Cable Car with an ascent over the waterfalls of the
Ragnatscherbach with its steep cliffs, treetops and meadows. Once at the top of the Palfries Plateau, a wonderful
panorama and a large network of walking and hiking trails await. After some spectacular views and some exploration, the
cable car brings us back to the valley station with unforgettable impressions! Our drive then takes along
, one of the larger lakes in Switzerland. Then Lake Obersee and Lake Zürich before reaching Lucerne
where we find our accommodation and dinner waiting.
Dinner and Overnight Lucerne. (B,L,D)

Day 9 -
Today we will spend the afternoon and evening in Zürich with a few morning pursuits. Our first stop will be
Lindt Home of Chocolate in Kilchberg. The brand new Lindt Visitors’ Centre is home to the world’s Tallest
Freestanding Chocolate Fountain
at just over 30 feet tall with roughly 1.4 tonnes of chocolate pumping through it!
We will have a tour of the centre before making our way to the T
asting Room and the Shop! We then head to north of
Zürich to see
Rhine Falls, the most Powerful Waterfall in Europe! In order to get the very best of the falls, we take
a boat ride to
Rhine Falls Rock bringing us as close to the falls as you can get! You can disembark the boat and walk up
to the top of the rock for an opportunity not to be missed as surrounded by churning water, you are treated to a unique
360° Panoramic View! From here we make our way into the centre of Zürich on the north shore of Lake Zürich, It has
a unique mix of well-preserved Old Town and hectic modern life having a magnificent view of the
Snowy Swiss Alps.
We will take a
Walking Tour of Zürich taking in the shopping center of Bahnhofstrasse, traffic core of Paradeplatz
, the Fraumunster Church and stroll through Niederdorf, the Old Town. We will admire the panoramic
scene over Zurich Lake before
Dinner on the Lake. We then return to Lucerne.  Overnight Lucerne. (B,D)

Day 10 -
This morning we discover the delights of Lucerne and Lake Lucerne with Kapellbrücke or Chapel
, a covered wooden footbridge spanning the River Reuss diagonally in the city of Lucerne. The bridge was built in
1333 and is one of the oldest wooden bridges in Europe. Part of the bridge is the
'Water Tower', not because it holds water
but because it stands on water. The tower is older that the bridge by some 30 years and was used as a prison and also as
archive. On the right bank of the Reuss is Lucerne’s historic core with its sequence of squares hemmed by tall painted
houses and linked by cobblestone shopping streets. We explore for a while before
Stopping for Afternoon Tea at The
Queen Camellia Tea Room
. This afternoon we take the Vitznau – Rigi Kulm Cogwheel Railway, Europe's first
mountain railway opened in 1871. We will take a boat to
Vitznau and then from the shore of Lake Lucerne we will take the
cogwheel to
Rigi Kulm. As we approach Rigi Staffelhöhe, the scenery changes as Central Switzerland comes into view,
and you can see as far as the
Jura Mountains, the Black Forest and the Vosges, with Lake Zug down below. We
then return to Lucerne where you have the evening free for dinner. Lucerne is a wonderful place for both chocolate and
Overnight Lucerne. (B,L)

Day 11 -
This morning we make our way to my very favourite place anywhere in Switzerland, Lauterbrunnen. We will
take a detour to take in
Mount Stanserhorn when we step aboard a Funicular Railway and Open Top Cable Car
for a spectacular journey to the stunning summit! Here you can admire unrivalled views of the surrounding mountains and,
on a clear day see as far as
Alsace in France and the Black Forest in Germany. Then we male our way to Sachseln
and then to Älggi Alpto to visit the Geographical Center of Switzerland. We will then stop in Interlaken,
one of the oldest, best known, and most popular resorts in Switzerland for a
Late Lunch. With Lakes Thun and Brienz
at either side of the town, it is a sparkling jewel in the mountainous
Bernese Oberland region of central Switzerland.
From here we male our way south to Lauterbrunnen where we get checked into our accommodation before dinner.
Lauterbrunnen is situated in one of the most impressive trough valleys in the Alps, between gigantic rock faces and
mountain peaks. With its 72 thundering waterfalls, secluded valleys, colourful alpine meadows and lonely mountain inns,
Lauterbrunnen Valley is one of the biggest nature conservation areas in Switzerland! Dinner and Overnight
Lauterbrunnen. (B,L,D)

Day 12 -
Lauterbrunnen's most famous waterfall is Staubbach Falls, plunging almost 1000 feet from an overhanging
rock face, making them one of the
Highest Free-Falling Waterfalls in Europe! After checking out the falls we will
explore Lauterbrunnen for a while before taking in
Trümmelbach Falls, Europe's Largest Subterranean
and the world's only glacier waterfalls that are accessible underground by lift, galleries, tunnels, paths and
platforms. This afternoon we head to
Grindelwald for Lunch and some sightseeing. This Glacier Village lies in a valley
situated in the
Bernese Oberland on the northern side of the Alps and is surrounded by the spectacular mountain trio
Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau'. There is probably not another town in Switzerland that is as post card perfect as it is,  
blessed with stunning surroundings making it the perfect place to enjoy Switzerland’s natural beauty and charm. We will
take plenty of time to experience all of Grindelwald's charms before making our way back to Lauterbrunnen where you will
have the evening free to explore the main eateries here.
Overnight Lauterbrunnen. (B,L)

Day 13 -
Today we make a full day of enjoying the Jungfrau Experience. The experience includes traveling to
Europe’s Highest Railway Station at an altitude 6,762 feet called Kleine Scheidegg. From here we take the
Cogwheel Train to the Summit of the Jungfrau at 11,332 feet where we will have spectacular views of the
surrounding mountains and on a clear day can see into
Germany and France. Looking west you will see the Largest
Glacier of Europe, the Aletsch Glacier
. As one of the Bernese Oberland’s ultimate excursions, the Jungfraujoch is
truly an unforgettable experience. After taking in the spectacular views we will find some lunch before visiting the
with its many ice sculptures to admire. There is also a Lindt Swiss Chocolate Heaven and the Alpine
, a moving walkway with images, light and music and a lift that takes you 350 feet further up to the Sphinx
where you can enjoy a 360° view from both the terrace and from the comfort of a building with panoramic
windows! After a full days outing we return to Lauterbrunnen. In case you did not get enough spectacular views today we
will take a
Cableway Car from Stechelberg to the Schilthorn Revolving Restaurant at the summit for Dinner.
Dinner and Overnight Lauterbrunnen. (B,L,D)

Day 14 -
We will have a leisurely start this morning as we make our way to Bern. We will travel along Thunnersee or
Lake Thun
for part of the way before reaching Oberhoven Castle. The impressive keep of the former fortress of
Oberhofen was likely built in the early 13th Century, but in the 14th Century, it belonged to the
Habsburgs and then
later on the
Scharnachthal Dynasty. In 1844 the castle was bought and converted to a summer residence by the
Pourtalès Family from Neuchatel and Prussia and that is what we will see today. The Castle Park is
one of the most magnificent Gardens in the Alpine region with its striking tree formations, exotic wood plants, covered
walkway and colourful flower parterres. We will
Lunch in the Castle Restaurant before continuing on to Bern, the
Capitol of Switzerland. The medieval air of this city with its many fountains, sandstone facades, narrow streets and
historic towers is unique with its old town round which the
River Aare flows. The boutiques, bars and cabaret stages of
the old town, some of which are located in vaulted cellars, and the small street cafés attract locals as well as a lot of tourists.
After experience this lovely city we get checked into our accommodation before we are out for mountain romance in the
middle of the city! In the garden of the
Marzilibrücke Restaurant where four Pretty Cable Cars are waiting to serve
us a fondue. It’s a feast for both the eyes and the tastebuds as the gondolas are charmingly decorated with red and white
chequered curtains and authentic accessories.
Dinner and Overnight Bern. (B,L,D)

Day 15 -
Our travels continue into the wide, green valleys of the Vaud Alps with snowy summits filling the horizon as we
make our way through vineyards and alpine meadows to the fortified town of
Gruyères, that gives its name to the well-
known cheese. This medieval town offers a cultural and gastronomical journey as the pedestrian town welcomes you to a
gentle stroll, with its cobblestones and its fountains.
The Cheese Dairy La Maison du Gruyère in Pringy presents the
Gruyère Cheese Making Process Experience with an interactive tour that reveals the secrets of this tasty
creation, which can be enjoyed at the end of the visit.
La Chocolaterie de Gruyères is also a must stop before Lunch
at Auberge de la Halle
for their signature dish 'Soupe de Chalet'. After lunch we make our way to the Terraced
Vineyards of Lavaux
. Within the heart of the terraces we find the winery of Cave de Moratel, a family business for 3
generations and entirely located within the A
ppellation Area of Epesses. They cultivate White Chasselas and
Viognier, and Red Pinot Noir and Diolinoir
, all varieties which are especially well suited to the sunny terraces of
Lavaux. After a tour and a taste we make our way into Geneva where we have dinner after settling into our hotel.
Overnight Geneva.(B,L,D)

Day 16 -
Like the swans that frolic on its eponymous Alpine Lake which is Europe's largest, Genève is a rare bird. The
World Trade Organization, World Health Organization, International Committee of the Red Cross, the
second-largest branches of the
United Nations and World Bank are here as well as an overload of luxury hotels,
boutiques, jewellers, restaurants and chocolatiers. Geneva's counterculture dwells in
Les Grottes, the Quartier des
and along the post-industrial Rhône where neighbourhood bars hum with attitude and energy. To take full
advantage of this we will have a
Guided Tour of Geneva this morning to familiarize ourselves with the city. We will
discover the
Old Town of Geneva, the largest historical site in Switzerland, dominated by St. Peter's Cathedral. We
will explore the cities narrow streets leading to charming terraces where very street corner holds secret stories and
historical treasures that will be revealed to you by our guide. After
Lunch on the Water we visit Carouge, Geneva's
'Greenwich Village'.
We will meet the artisans, artists and others who make Carouge such a charming place. Its shaded
squares are amazingly reminiscent of Italy, despite being just a few minutes from the city centre. After a day of exploring
together we will take a few hours to explore on our own before gathering for our
Farewell Dinner on our last night
together. Farewell Dinner and Overnight Geneva. (B,L,D)

Day 17 - October 8th -
This morning we return you to the Geneva International Airport for your journey home.
The Majesty of Switzerland
and the High Peaks of the Alps.
September 23rd - October 8th, 2023.
This will be our trial launch for our first ever Switzerland Discovery Tour. This will give us valuable feedback to help us decide
whether we want to add this itinerary permanently to our schedule. The present itinerary is subject to change up to the time
of departure to make sure that the itinerary flows smoothly and gives us the opportunity to share Switzerland in the same
way that we do with Scotland, Ireland, Wales, England, Tuscany and Norway. We are not as knowledgeable yet of Switzerland
as are with the other countries we do tours of, but we love the country and want those on the tour to love it as much as we do!
We think that we have created an amazing itinerary!
Switzerland is rated as the most expensive country in the world to visit and the price reflects this! Geneva and Zürich are two
of the ten most expensive cities in the world to live in.

Highlights include: Geneva, Lausanne, Chillon Castle, Zermatt, Abbaye de Saint-Maurice d'Agaune, St Bernard Museum
'Musée et Chiens du Saint Bernard', Matterhorn, Weisshorn and Monte Rosa Alpine Peaks, Europe’s Highest Open-Air Cog
Railway, Lunch at Europe's Highest Hotel, Bellinzona, Three Castles at Bellinzona, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Santa
Maria Maggiore, St. Moritz, the Engadine Valley and the Grisons Alps, Stazerwald Forest in a Horse Drawn Carriage, Char the
oldest town in Switzerland, Lucerne, Chapel Bridge in Lucerne, Palfries Cable Car, Lindt Home of Chocolate in Kilchberg,
Rhine Falls, the most Powerful Waterfall in Europe, Zürich, Rigi Kulm Cogwheel Railway, Mount Stanserhorn and Funicular
Railway and Open Top Cable Car, Geographical Center of Switzerland, Laterbrunnen, Grindelwald, Interlaken, Staubbach
Falls, the Highest Free-Falling Waterfalls in Europe, Trümmelbach Falls, Europe's Largest Subterranean Waterfalls,
Cogwheel Train to the Summit of the Jungfrau, Bern, Capitol of Switzerland, Oberhoven Castle, Vaud Alps, The Cheese
Dairy La Maison du Gruyère in Pringy, Terraced Vineyards of Lavaux with Cave de Moratel and so much more!

Tour includes all accommodation, full Swiss breakfast each morning. 13 lunches and 12 dinners as listed in itinerary.
Porterage of one suitcase per person. Minibus travel including tour guide. Knowledgeable guide for all tourist venues. All
sightseeing as indicated in itinerary including any entrance fees. All taxes and service charges. As with all of our tours we try
to offer as many different kinds of accommodations as can be found in Switzerland and as many different dining experiences
as we can arrange.

$9995US per person with $1495US per person single supplement. $1000 deposit to book. Only 1 single and
1 double  left!