Cead Mil Failte! The majority of our business now seems to come from previous clients and referrals from previous clients
and how could there be any better testimony than so many repeat clients! We are very proud of the fact that so much of
our business for 2019 involves people who are on their second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth tours, and even two different
people who will be on their 15th tour with us! Just a little over 60 percent of our clients for 2019 have traveled with us
before! Our main goal is to make you feel like part of the family and to see, hear and feel Scotland, Ireland, Wales and
England in the same way we do. If you don't go home loving these places as much as we do, then we have not properly
done our job! Come join us for an adventure of a lifetime or a holiday that you will always treasure. You can check our
Better Business Bureau review and more testimonials by
clicking here and going to the BBB site.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so we will let them do the talking!
Joanne and her mother Margaret
pictured on the left are from
Auckland, New Zealand and they
first toured with us in 2011 on
back to back tours. We both
thought that we better like each
other as we were spending a whole
month together!
We got along so well that we went
to visit them in New Zealand!
They then came on their third,
fourth, fifth, sixth and in 2020 will
be on their eighth tour with us!
Judi Hauver from Virginia and her sister Joyce
Jump from North Carolina first came to us in 2014.
We enjoyed each others company so much that
they came back in 2015, 2016, 2017 and we will
see them again in 2020!
These ladies add so much to every tour that they
are on and Mario and I have truly fallen in love
with them. They are like family and every tour
they come on is going to be full of laughter and a
whole lot of fun!
In the photo above Judi and Joyce took a break to
look over Judi's photos. In the picture on the left
Judi is striking a pose!
Kim Clark from San Antonio is pictured left doing some light
reading on one of our house tours. Kim first came on a tour with me
back in 2005. Kim has been on several tours since then and this
past fall, Kim was on her 12th tour with us!
We always love having her along as she brings so much to every
tour she comes on. She is Mario's photo buddy, wears many hats
and has a few different nick names as well. One of these is Eagle
Eye Kim as she tends to see things about 5 minutes before anybody
else does! Kim is also pictured in the photo below with another
intrepid traveler, Marilyn Bodnar from New Mexico. We were
attending a Peat Fire Tales Evening on one of our Highlands and
Islands Tours when Mario took this photo. Marilyn came on her
first tour in 2014 and in 2019 she will be on her 6th tour with us.
She tends to favour our Highlands and Islands Tours and will be on
her third tour of the Highlands and Islands!
Kim and Marilyn are also pictured above with Jennifer
Blair in the middle. Jennifer is from Arizona and came
on her first tour with us in 2006. Jennifer just
completed her 16th tour with us in 2018, 17th and 18th
in 2019 and it will be her 20th in April of 2020!
Jennifer has also become like family to us. She mothers
Mario as many of our clients seem to like to do, and she
is like an older sister to me. She sometimes comes on
tour with her friend Karen Lomba and sometime with
either or both of her sons Chai and Nathaniel.
Priscilla Andrews, or Cill
pictured right comes from
New Mexico. She came on her
first tour with us in 2009. She
has since come back almost
every year for another tour
and this fall she will be on her
8th tour with us!
Cill is an absolute hoot and we
love that she sends wonderful
gifts after we get back home!
Like coffee table books of the
tour she came on, or
wonderful bottles of the
flavored liquors that she
She is also amazing help in
the kitchen and always knows
just what to do!
That is Woody and Melinda Harlan from Missouri in the picture on
the left. They came on their first tour with us back in 2009. Woody
and I were in contact a few times over the years, and they were
finally able to come back on a second tour in 2016. It was wonderful
to have them back and get to know them a little better. We just
spent more time with them on our Highlands and Islands Fall
Scotland Tour in 2018! I think their next trip will be to Greece.
Happy Travels!
Manny and Marilyn Cepeda from Alabama are
pictured on the right and also in a group photo
on the far right. They are the kind of people who
you immediately feel like you have known all
your life! The came on their first tour in 2015.
Marilyn was suppose to be coming with her
daughter who decided to get pregnant instead.
Manny came very unwillingly in her place.
Much to both Marilyn and my surprise, he was
the first to suggest a second tour! I think they
wanted to catch up with everyone else as they
went on 2 tours for 2018 and will be on 2 more
for 2019! And 2 more in 2020!
Bruce Kriebel and Janet Meleney on the left, came to us from
South Caroline on their first rip in 2014. It was our Highlands and
Islands tour which is probably our most popular tour. They came
back again in 2015 for our Ireland and Wales House Tour where
they met David and Kathi Latta from Iowa who you can see just
behind them. David and Kathi came with good friends John Lowey
and Sharon Berman from Texas. They all decided to join us again
on a tour for our Tuscany Tour which was Bruce and Janet's third
tour with us. Bruce and Janet will be back with us this summer! As
you can see, people often like to travel together with others they
meet on our tours!
In the picture above from left to right is myself, Mark and Catherine
Milbourn, Toni Hatfield, Marla and Ron Rushing, Marilyn and Manny and
Sandi and Steve Weber. Everyone except Mark and Catherine will be on
another tour this fall only just having met each other on this tour!
You met Steve and Sandi Weber from Nevada in the
group photo of our St. Patrick's Tour of Ireland with
Manny and Marilyn. That was their second tour with
our Romancing the Highlands Tour being their first.
Steve kept us well entertained during this tour and we
had such a great time together that I was not surprised
that they booked another tour. The St. Patrick's tour
was quite a tour for us. We mostly get very cohesive
tour groups, but everybody loved each others company
so much, that most of them will be back again this fall
on another tour. Steve and Sandi will be back with us in
March of this year for their 2nd St. Patrick's tour and
will be joining our first ever Norway tour in the fall of
2021. We love these guys!
Walter and Carole Gunter from South Carolina came on
their first tour in 2011. It was one of our Highlands and
Islands tours. Then we didn't hear from them again
until they came on our Wales and Ireland House tour in
2015. This was when we really got to know them! The
house tours are so nice because we stay in one house
for a week and another house for a second week. You
really get to know people when you live with them for
two solid weeks and on this tour we really fell in love
with Walter and Carole! I think the feeling must be
mutual as they came on our Wales House Tour this past
spring bringing new friends. They also brought their
family with them to celebrate their 50th wedding
anniversary this past July and August! We feel so
honored that the chose us for this event! We will see
them again in 2020 and 2021!
This is the lovely mother and daughter duo of Caroline and Channe
Fotouhi. They came on their first tour with us in 2016. It is hard to
believe it was only 4 years ago as it seems as if we have known
them forever! They came on a Tuscany tour on the following year
and then the Highlands and Islands in 2018.
Channe came by herself on our Yorkshire and Lake District Autumn
Tour in 2019, but reconnected with her classmate Martha Broday
on that tour.
They will all 3 be on our Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate Tour in
April, our St. Patrick's House Tour in March of 2021 and back again
for our Tuscany House Tour in October of 2021. Along on the St.
Patrick's Tour will be Shelley Selfridge who has forged a special
bond with the group! Pictured below - Shelley on the left, Kim Clark
in the middle and Carolin on the right. Then Channe and Martha.
This is Jim and Cindy McGregor from Waco Texas on the left.
Unfortunately Jim is no longer with us and Mario and I miss him
terribly. I am actually tearing up as I write this. Their first tour with  
us was way back in 2007 and then they were back in 2008, 2010, 2011
and 2012.
They tried to plan a trip for 2013 and then again in 2014 and then Jim
passed away in September of 2014. Jim and Cindy came on our very
first house tour where I do most of the cooking. As they had been on
regular tours with us, I asked him what he thought of the house tours.
He said they liked them a lot but they looked like a lot more work for
us. I asked him what he liked best and he told me that the food was a
lot better on the house tours? What an amazing compliment! We are so
pleased that Cindy came back on a tour with us in October and we will
see her again in 2020!
This is Jie from Ningbo in the Zhejiang
Province of China. She is the first person
we have had on tour from China. We get a lot
of people from Australia, we get some from
New Zealand, South America, Mexico,
Germany, Hungary and many from the States
and Canada. She is very well
traveled and has been in the UK several
times. She wanted to come on one of our
house tours and did so last summer. After
she had been on the tour for a few days she
told me that she was a bit apprehensive about
coming on the tour, but was very pleasantly
surprised. I told her that I was apprehensive
as well and was also very pleasantly
surprised! She also told me that she was not
at all impressed with Western food, but my
cooking had changed her mind! She endeared
herself to me whenever we went out to eat by
telling me the food was not as good as mine!
She is coming back for her 3rd tour with us in
much we would fall in love with them. Cynthia's sly, quiet humour and
Catherine's exuberance will delight you for hours! They came on a Highlands
and Islands tour in the fall of 2017, a Wales House Tour in 2018 and then our
very first Christmas Tour in 2018! It was on that tour that we met her sister
Then Cynthia and Catherine joined us again for our first ever Islands, Islands,
Islands tour in 2019 followed by our second Christmas Tour along with
Debbie and Steve again. We got to know Debbie and Steve so much better on
the second tour and fell in love with them as well.
Cynthia and Catherine will join our Islands tour again in May and then our
Irish Country Castle Christmas in December and then be back next year for
our first ever Norway tour! No matter what tour they come on, they are
always a delight for us and everyone around them!